ALS Awareness Facts: Day 16

There are three general classifications of ALS. Sporadic is the most common, familial ALS (FALS), and Guamanian. There is also a rare form called juvenile ALS, which well-known physicist Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with at age 21.

ALS Community Tells FDA ‘We Have No Time To Waste’; Urges Changes in Trial Design and Review Process

Because of the relentless effects of ALS, a diverse group of ALS voices — patients, families, organizations and the community — came together to speak about their experiences with ALS and to urge the FDA to work with them to overcome some of the obstacles faced in ALS research, clinical trials and standards of care.

ALS Clinical Trials: New Hope After Phase 3 Setbacks

“Some may look at recent failures and be discouraged,” wrote Richard Bedlack of the Duke ALS Clinic in Durham, North Carolina, in an e-mail to Alzforum. Thanks to advances in genetics and biomarkers, and a list of potential target pathways, “I think this is a time of unprecedented hope and excitement in ALS research”

Winged Warrior Award 2012: Julie Tristan

ST. LOUIS, Missouri, January 12, 2013 — The Robert A. Stehlin Campaign for ALS (R.A.S.C.A.L.S.) presented their annual Winged Warrior award to Julie Tristan, anchor-reporter for KSDK’s Show Me St. Louis.
The presentation was made at the RASCALS’ recent Trivia Night, for which Julie has been the Master of Ceremonies since the inaugural event in [...]

Year-End Review of Upcoming Treatments for ALS

While some progress has been made in the treatment of ALS, combination therapies with drugs that target other pathways, alongside stem cell technology, are sorely needed

ALS Awareness Month: Day 20

There are three classifications of ALS; sporadic, familial, and Guamanian. However there is a rare form called “juvemile ALS.”

Cape Coral Woman Lobbies Congress to Approve Breakthrough ALS Drugs

“The whole process with the FDA is broken. And it is all about the process, it’s all about the FDA, it’s all about the administration, instead of being about the people,” she said.

Stem Cell Clinical Trial Update

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the second treatment after a review concluded that the patients showed no adverse effects from their first implantation surgeries.

Opinon: Off-Label Options and Compassionate Access to Phase II Drugs

With regard to the development of an efficacious treatment for ALS, we are still in its infancy. There is much more to be done—and much more quickly than we’ve seen.

ALS Stem Cell Therapies: Buyer Beware

“On one end of the spectrum you have people who are doing, essentially, badly designed uncontrolled human medical experiments for profit. And then at the other end of the spectrum you just have thieves who are preying on the sick and their families.”